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Rebbes spirit reaches beyond power struggle, death – J.

Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Iyanla Vanzant. Narrated by: Iyanla Vanzant.

Length: 2 hrs and 17 mins. Categories: Self Development , Relationships. People who bought this also bought Get Over It! Until Today! Publisher's Summary What is the meantime? According to author and inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant, being in the "meantime" means being in a state of limbo. Rather than wallow in confusion, Vanzant encourages you to use the meantime as an opportunity to prepare yourself for true love. The first order of business is to clean house, starting with the basement, the place in the psyche where you store your most destructive thoughts.

Room by room, Vanzant takes you through a metaphorical cleaning of the soul. This way, when your meantime days are over and love finally comes knocking on the front door, you'll have a clean house to welcome love into. More from the same Author Get Over It! Narrator Get Over It! What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall.

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Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Dee Alishyante Chavis I am enlightened The narrator was great, and so was the writer Jenese L Jones Another blueprint the an amazing life Such an easy listen and engaging topic, will recommend to everyone I know who struggles or has struggled in relationships but truly wants to reach their highest potential. Lady J A whole new understanding of relationships If you could sum up In The Meantime in three words, what would they be? Meg Short and Sweet I finished this in one evening and one morning of listening. Berilynn LaMi Mo Best reality check ever I needed this book to help realized how to get out of the second floor and out my own way.

Leon Learning to love I have struggled in my relationship with the women of my dreams, my soul mate, the one person that has truly loved me in my life. Show More.

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But Hungary's government is pushing patriotism over critical thought, to the frustration of teachers and parents. The curriculum has been revised twice to that end, first in , and again now. But the changes have been made in an atmosphere of secrecy denounced by parents and educational professionals.

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Textbooks are a prime example. The debate over what students should be taught is universal — and politically fraught. Witness the arguments in the United States over the presentation of history in Texas textbooks. Education has become a key battlefield, as his government pushes for a curriculum seemingly based on patriotism rather than critical thinking. The official state list of private publisher books that could be ordered by schools following the national school curriculum has witnessed a dramatic decline in the last five years. One of the largest private publishing houses, Mozaik, saw government approved titles for classroom use drop from in to just 21 in What is left are mostly foreign language titles.

Roughly 1 in 2 school books came from private publishing houses in Now it is less than 1 in 3, covering primarily computer science, physical education, German, and English — topics where the state is absent. And the changes to Hungarian textbooks are just one facet of the education reforms the government has in mind for this academic year.

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  • Some of the most valued reforms after Hungary regained full sovereignty in were freedoms of speech, press, and education. But that has reverted as Mr. The national curriculum must teach this. The national curriculum has been revised twice to that end, first in It is being revised again this year after Mr. The government declined to provide someone to answer questions about the motivations for its curriculum changes, the extent of which will likely be made public in November.

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    The teachers usually stay silent, like the people. Once colorful textbooks are increasingly giving way to monochromatic texts full of errors that Mr. One correction he fought for was a textbook exercise contrasting the words of German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the height of the migrant crisis in with a speech by Mr. The Hungarian premier extolled the merits of a homogeneous society and argued that countries that were former colonial powers should bear the brunt of the refugee burden.

    The child had to explain why the prime minister is right.

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    Loaded questions, scandalous sentences, and mistakes are only a fraction of his concerns. What truly worries him is that the curriculum packs in so much in terms of quantity — myriads of facts that need to be packed into the lesson plan — that real teaching, based on back and forth questions with opportunities for discussion and debate, is impossible.

    Meanwhile, the new education law has further boosted government control over what state school teachers present in their classrooms. The law also restricts under what circumstances students may attend private schools, alternative schools, and homeschooling — options sought out by wealthier parents who are worried about the low quality and lack of freedom at state schools.

    It also does away with school administration consultations, which are meant to ensure a minimum parent and teacher input on education. Finally it boosts state support for religious schools at the expense of other schools, allowing church-run schools to play a larger role in the creation of academic content. Some parents in online forums object to religion spilling into other subjects — for example, an exercise found in the fifth grade patriotism class that asks children if they are Christian, and if not, tells them to ask their parents why.

    This, parents and educators point out, flies in the face of a constitution that still upholds separation of state and church. Climate change heeds no borders. But when it comes to climate science, political boundaries matter.

    In the French Alps, scientists from all over the world are rallying around a global vision for the future. James Clark arrived at the foot of the French Alps in the midst of a historic heat wave.